Frequently Asked Questions

First appointment: Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time for form completion. Bring a current picture identification card, your insurance cards and your payment which will be due at time of service.

You will have a complete physical examination on your first appointment as well as a full consultation. Come prepared with your questions; we welcome them! Our goal is to address all of your questions and concerns completely.

Mini LogoWhat should I do for my follow up appointments?

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. We will need an update of your medical condition, and remember to bring your payment due at the time of service.

Mini LogoTelephone Calls:

We attempt to complete all phone calls efficiently every time you call; however, there will be instances when we may need time to complete your request. Urgent situations will be handled within 24 hours and non urgent situations may take up to 48 hours.

Mini LogoAfter Hours Calls:

During lunch and after hours our telephones are transferred to an answering service. Please leave a message and the service will relay messages to Dr. Falkner if there is an urgent medical question. Otherwise, messages will be relayed to the staff when the office reopens. No medication refill request will be handled after hours.

Mini LogoPrescription Refills:

We will need 48 hours to complete all requests for medications. Please have your pharmacist fax us a request to (702) 476-3500. New medications must first be discussed with Dr. Falkner.

Please contact the office and make a follow up appointment prior to requesting refills for new medications.

Mini LogoBilling Questions:

Please direct all balance inquiries or insurance questions to our staff.  Statements will be mailed on a monthly basis. Please remit payment for balances due promptly or contact our office to make a payment arrangement at (702) 476-3400.

Mini LogoDisability Letters and Forms:

A letter of disability will be provided at no cost to the patient. However, if forms need to be completed there will be a $35.00 processing fee. We will need three business days for completion. Subsequent requests will require an additional processing fee.