Meet The Staff

LauriebethLauriebeth is our back office assistant. She is responsible for scheduling surgeries, scheduling chemotherapy treatment, completing FMLA paperwork and is the custodian of all patient clinical information for the practice. She will use her skills and years of experience to take excellent care of you during your office visit.

PhyllisPhyllis is our medical billing specialist. She is responsible for scheduling your appointments, collecting co pays/deductibles, posting your payments, and processing claims to your insurance company and distributing payments. Phyllis is extremely diligent about keeping up with current billing/coding and insurance changes so that she can handle any issues that may arise from your claim. Phyllis is always available to answer any of your scheduling or financial questions.

DeannaDeanna is our front office assistant and insurance coordinator. She verifies your eligibility for co pays and deductibles prior to your office visit. She also works with the imaging facilities to schedule your appointments. Deanna is our expert at getting prior authorization for any procedures that you may need. She will also contact you before your visit to confirm your appointments as well as advise of any co pays/deductibles or balances. It is her desire to assist you in any way she can.

JessicaJessica is our front desk assistant. She will greet you when you come to our office and check you in. She will provide you with all the necessary paperwork that you will need to fill out at the time of your visit. She is also responsible for collecting your co pays/deductibles or balance. Jessica is also the person you see upon check out, you will be able to schedule your next appointment at that time.